About Us

Our organizational goals were established to meet our intent in the mission and vision statements.

  • Develop into a sustainable organization with proven strategies toward inspiring, honoring and empowering women veterans and their families.
  • Develop partnerships with various resources and charitable organizations to support women veterans and their families.
  • Develop partnerships with Tribal leaders/staff and veteran liaisons to promote awareness and contributions to Native women veterans and support women veteran initiatives.
  • Develop relationships with US congressional leaders, community and local leaders to support women veteran initiatives.
  • Conduct outreach campaigns to raise awareness of benefits, entitlements and services for women veterans.
  • Continue service by collaborating, volunteering and supporting philanthropic projects (building home for Wounded Warrior with special needs; to build or purchase a home to make into a transition shelter for homeless women veterans)
  • Perform color guard duties to raise awareness and educate America about the contributions of Native women in the military.
  • Sponsor retreats, conferences and symposiums that will inspire and empower women veterans.